Lightboxes for Franklyn Hospital, Exeter

In 2011, as part of the King's Fund's 'Enhancing the Healing Environment'  programme, I made four panels for lightboxes for the newly refurbished Belvedere ward at Franklyn Hospital, Exeter.

It provides assessment and treatment for older people with mental health needs, such as dementia. There are themed areas within the ward to help people orientate themselves, and connect with the world outside. The areas reflect different parts of Devon- Country, Moors and Coast, and three of my panels were designed to fit in with these. In the Country area, pictured above, the colour scheme, the lightbox, photos and paintings all bring to mind the countryside, while the wall cabinet holds books and objects which relate to the theme.  These could bring back memories, or spark a conversation. The fourth panel was for the 'Sanctuary'- a peaceful room for quiet contemplation.

Part of the brief was to invite exploration by touch, so I used several different surface textures and the panels were fitted in the lightboxes with the relief side outwards.

There are more photos in the gallery below.